why stop junk mail?

Junk Mail Facts


12 Billion pieces of junk mail are distributed to UK households and businesses annually.

Equivalent to 6 Million trees

pieces of junk mail

 The average household receives 453 pieces of junk mail per year

Comprised of 65 pieces of addressed junk mail and 388 pieces of unaddressed junk mail

1 %
advertising mail is unsolicited

 Over 90% of all advertising mail is unsolicited which is the postal equivalent of telephone cold calling

How does it begin?

When a company or charity wants to contact potential new customers they aim to contact people whose characteristics match their current customers. Once a company or charity has identified the characteristics of potential customers or donors it will purchase lists of customers that match those characteristics. To make sure consumers registered with Stop Junk Mail are not sent the mailing, the prospect mailing list is cleaned against the Stop Junk Mail file If there is a match between a consumers name and address on the mailing list and on Stop Junk Mail the company knows not to send the mailing to that consumer. It saves companies money not to contact people who have indicated they are not interested in receiving mail. A mailing campaign can take several weeks to prepare. Selection of the lists to be mailed is one of the first stages in preparation of a campaign. That’s why it can take 2 -4 months for a registration on Stop Junk Mail to have full effect, you will however notice a gradual change over this period.

How do Marketers try and stop us?

Companies will try and change address regularly so it’s difficult to contact them to opt out of their junk mail. The classic example is Royal Mail and their door to door opt out service which changes the freepost address every year and combines this with a new set of restrictions on the duration the opt out notice will last.

Do Marketers confirm once opted out?

No they don’t. They make it as difficult as possible for the consumer to receive confirmation they are no longer on a particular junk mail list. If someone is dumping their junk mail in your post box and you take the time to write to them then the least they could do is confirm they will stop. At least in our hopeful world where these corporate types care about consumers. Sign up for our Junk Mail Blocker service and we’ll make sure the door to door opt out is completed in full and sticks.

Any more sneaky marketing tricks?

Of course! It’s a full time job. Companies will change the period to resignup to not receive junk. They may say you’re protected for 5 years, but then change it to 1 year without notifying you

Do mailbox stickers work?

  • The short answer is NO – mailbox stickers saying ‘no junk mail’ do not stop junk mail arriving. Royal Mail posties are specifically told to ignore them, as are door to door junk mailers

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