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"Mail Order from catalogs is easy, quick and convenient, so I will continue to use the service - however, the practice of selling/renting names makes the additional (unsolicited and unwanted) catalogs annoying."
"I would like legislation to be passed that requires all unsolicited mail to be printed on 100% post consumer recycled material. This would help save the trees, a most valuable resource, and most likely discourage solicitors from sending their "junk". What a waste of time, money and resources."
"I can't believe all the color ads. As a graphic designer, I like catalogs that I am interested in, but I think most everyone would agree the rest is an environmental hazard! Not only do trees get harmed but landfills fill up too quickly."
Your service is sorely needed - thanks for the creative idea!
"I am so pleased with your service. I can't tell you how much our mail has decreased. I'm sure the mailman is happy too!"
"I just want to say that you are providing a wonderful service. Thank you very much!"
I feel that junk mail is an invasion of my privacy. No one asked me if they could fill my mailbox. Just like telemarketers are bothersome, so are companies that pay the Post Office and Direct Mail companies for my information. Yet the Post Office and Congress allow this to happen."
"My information should be private. I should not have to ask to keep my information private, it should be normal business practice. I wish businesses used common sense and courtesy. Treat others as they wish to be treated as individuals."
"I try to recycle as much as I can by bringing it into my work place. I don't always do this so it ends up in the trash, unread, a waste and on it's way to the landfill. It is a nuisance to me and it is the majority of my mail. It makes me extremely angry."
"I hate Victoria's Secret. Though their merchandise is very high quality, they send a catalog every week or two if you place a SINGLE order. My little mailbox is so full of crap that I suggested the post office put trash or recycling cans next to the mailbox I think it is making 'potential customers' extremely angry and frustrated, by filling up their mailbox with junk so they can't get to the important mail. It doesn't even begin to make sense!"
"I receive a horrendous number of solicitations from bank, credit card and mortgage companies. But I also receive at least three solicitations per day from health related companies. Many of these are targeted to my age bracket."
"There is simply too much Junk Mail!!"
"Junk Mail is one of modern life's major annoyances, and is extremely wasteful of both natural and economic resources."
"I believe that all direct mail should be illegal. My tax dollars support and run the postal service and I believe this is an intrusion on the purpose of this agency. Not to mention that it delays really important mail from the recipients."
"Junk Mail a terrible waste of paper - most people take it from the mailbox and drop it directly into the garbage can. I try to recycle my junk mail but the recycling depot only takes newsprint and corrugated cardboard. I have to pay to recycle anything else."
"Thanks for all your help!!!"
"You guys are great!"
"junk mail IT SUCKS!"
"I'm in the USPS and I don't mind, with the exceptions above, getting stuff in the mail. What I truly feel is a waste is the bad addresses bulk mail I see at work."
"I like to leave the direct mail stuff in the mailbox and get only pertinent mail, sending a 'message' to the mailman while simultaneously pissing him off."
"I'm am soooooo sick of junk mail and junk e-mail. I know what I like and how to find it when I want it. Junk mail has NO barring on what I purchase."
"The direct mailers for credit card offers have linked my address to my ex-husband, so now I get offers addressed to him here. We divorced over 10 years ago after he threatened to kill me, and I have moved 4 times and do not list my phone number because of him."
"I don't like direct e-mail either."
"I find it irritating to receive so much junk mail & I tend to feel guilty about throwing it away. Most of the junk mail that I receive is not recyclable. Additionally, pre approved bank card and check offers can end up in the wrong hands subjecting many to the risk of fraud."
"I want all records of all purchases by all people to be purged from their systems and start everything all over again, with a law in place that requires all solicitors to ask me to "opt in" to their marketing deluges and catalogs and coupon books before I buy."
"I don't want any direct mail ever. It is the most wasteful thing that happens at my house by far."
"A particularly frustrating aspect of direct mail is that the lists are not updated very regularly, and so we often receive mail at our house for the previous people that lived in our apartment."
"Please stop the waste of natural resources to send me things that I do not want...I just throw it all out and very rarely buy through the mail! It ruins the forests as well as fills up the landfill...too much waste!"
"I would like to be able to request from the post office not to deliver any mail unless it explicitly has my name on it."
"I especially resent the post cards I receive telling me that there was an attempt to deliver a package. The instructions tell me to call a number and give the code number on the post card. It always turns out to be a solicitor. This is a sneaky way to get people to call."
"If you don't respond to mail solicitations, then they bombard you with phone calls. I am sick of direct mail and telemarketers. We no longer answer the phone - we screen them through the recorder. We are on the Colorado no call list, but it will not take effect soon enough."
"I would like the postal service to allow me to REFUSE/RETURN all unwanted junk/direct mail to the sender at THEIR COST. I would think that would quickly get me off the mailing list I don't want to be on."
"Because I see direct mail as a negative thing, especially from credit card companies, Insurance companies, and Realtors - it automatically makes those companies ones I will NOT do business with."
"I ordered a product out of a catalog about three years ago, since then I have received multiple catalogs I have absolutely no interest in. I have been successful in getting rid of most of them, but some are very persistent."
"Sometimes when I ask to not have my name sold I know they have because of the way they list my name."
"I am so fed up with the numerous and constant mailings from mortgage companies over and over in an attempt to offer me a better rate on my mortgage(s). All these solicitations are immediately shredded and then thrown away."
I am currently in the process of gathering up all the junk mail I get in a 1 month period and then sending letters to each direct mail company to have my name removed. This is ridiculous. It is a complete waste of paper. I never buy from any junk mailers"
"I believe it should be illegal for a company to make money off of my personal information; i.e., sell or rent my name. It is also a waste of limited environmental resources to produce and dispose of unsolicited catalogs, requests for donations"
"I find junk email just as annoying though obviously not an environmentally degrading."
"My one big complaint about junk mail is the charities that I donate to. I feel that my little donations are being wasted on newsletters, address labels, and constant reminders to donate that no one really looks at and throws away without using or reading."
"Junk Mail It wastes trees and time. I hate it."
"I don't mind receiving coupons/junk mail from local vendors and people that I have given permission to. I just hate getting credit card applications in the mail every other day, along with charity letters. I mean, Christ sake, how many credit cards do I need!"
"Direct mail is a waste of paper"
"The survey you present is entirely weighted upon the assumption that direct mail is unwanted. Personally, I do not find the mail nearly as offensive as unrequested / unwanted emails. I have yet to be exposed to a virus via direct mail."
"I receive 2-3 letters a day from different Mortgage companies offering me to refinance. That is just ridiculous."
"I am tired of dreading coming home to throw out junk mail and concerned about the amount of paper that is wasted."
"I would like to NOT receive any junk mail unless I request it from a company. That includes catalogs."
"I get a lot of junk mail through my e-mail also and it drives me crazy. I have friends that change e-mail addresses every few months just to get away from all the junk e-mails. Credit Card companies are the worst and really don't care about their customers, all they want is you to spend too much and get into debt. My second worst pet peeve is the advertising that comes up on my screen when I am trying to do my business."
"I HATE IT, CAN'T STAND IT. FRUSTRATES ME IMMENSELY. It's a complete waste of paper and destroys our environment."
"Sending me an advertisement for a service (like AT&T Broadband Internet service) every few weeks is not going to make me any more likely to buy it. Once every six months would be more than sufficient."
"I used to use the free return address labels and send a donation, but now I receive so many, I use the labels and throw out the rest, (sunk cost, so why waste 'em...stupid uses as stupid sends)."
"The amount of waste and pollution generated by junk mail is absolutely appalling! I don't have time to read unsolicited mail anyway."
"A total waste of dwindling resources. Almost as annoying as telemarketers, but at least the phone phonies don't waste all that paper!"
"The biggest cost of junk mail is my time. Replacing junk paper mail with junk email doesn't solve this problem."
"Also, throwing away 95% of the mail I get is even worse than it sounds because the recyclers won't take it."
"I don't like junk email either."
"Great site and concept.....I am with my second successful Internet startup and there is an outside shot we are finally going to be acquired! It does not look like the company that is acquiring us is going to retain any of the employees."
"I would prefer to receive catalogs quarterly from my favorite companies. Sometimes it is nice to see what other catalogs are available, but in a different format than just receiving 20-30 unsolicited catalogs."
"Good luck. I hope this makes a difference"
"I signed up with this remove junk mail thing to try and stop all the solicitations my grandmother gets. I understood from the agreement that I could add places. I haven't been able to add all the charities and political parties she gets mail from. UGH!!! Stop the insanity!"
"Yes, save a tree and don't bother me!!!!"
"Junk mail wastes resources and my time."
"The Post Office should be required to returned to sender(s) ALL refused mail, even if that would necessitate increasing the postal rate to ALL bulk mailing users."
"I get a ton of junk mail--about car insurance and window treatments, when I live in an apartment and don't own a car; computer hardware catalogs when I've made all my computer purchases online; some industrial power supply company got my name; "
"A sickening waste of trees and landfill space."
"Thank you for this service."
"I find that the most annoying junk mail I receive is sent from Credit Card Companies. I receive nearly 1 application or offer from them on a daily basis. I even receive the identical offers for card that I already have."
"Junk mail is a waste of paper and time. I hate it and I hate my name being sold without my permission"
"I would pay more per stamp purchased from the USPS if it meant less junk mail."
"Thanks for your good work - please hurry with the end to telemarketing calls!!!"
"My name and address are not for sale. I find it a violation of my privacy and property that companies or organizations can profit from selling my personal information even if it is only 20 pence. I am discontinuing my business with companies that sell my personal information."
"Junk E-mail sure would save a lot of time and money. It also sucks but at least it's not destroying forests."
"It's a HUGE waste of trees!!!"
"Because I recycle everything I can, dealing with the enormous amount of mail I get is very time-consuming: opening, sorting, shredding, etc. The mail sometimes sits for weeks, and important items can get lost in the slurry."
"I believe unsolicited business advertising should be made illegal and constitutes trespass upon my domicile."
"I am not 100% sure that the companies I submitted to send me tons of junk mail but they all sounded familiar (it's tough to tell sometimes when you live with other people as opposed to alone). I apologize if any do not send me junk mail."
"Unless the mail is addressed to me by name, I don't want it. The mailbox is my personal property and should not have mail delivered that is not addressed by my personal name. I can't seem to get the post office to understand."
"Catalogs have nothing to do with my complaint. None of the above enters into my complaint. I have never gotten a catalog and I certainly would never order from them!"
"I get EMAIL from all kinds of people advertising sex items offering hot times, etc. Direct mail is a waste of my, and the mailpersons time. I would NEVER purchase anything from a catalogue I receive unsolicited. I immediately dispose of ALL retailers offers/catalogs and junk materiel that comes to my home by mail and in NEWSPAPERS."
"It is such a waste. I automatically throw away and do not open a lot of mail."
"An elderly family member continues to be suckered in to far too many sweepstakes and other 'scheme' mailings. It is heartbreaking, but so far futile, to deal with. I disagree strongly re the selling/renting of people's names by ANYONE, including the USPS!"
"We are full-time RVers and all our mail has to be forwarded to us on the road. It is expensive for us on social security to pay for postage to all the junk."
"Too many newspapers, missing children flyers, magazines that don't interest me, and sweepstakes garbage. I'd rather receive ALL marketing through e-mail. I wish I could let your company know to eliminate all junk mail. It is a waste of time, money."
"It Sucks"
"Bank Card is by for the worst offenders of junk mail. I don't care about catalogs. I just recycle what I don't like. But these Bank Card offers have pertinent information about you that could be subject to mail fraud and other criminal activities."
"I would like to take a moment to say, I feel terrible to what happened to the postal workers who got ill. I think the post office should have DEFINITELY been closed until it was checked out by health environment officials."
"I wish I could cancel all junk mail all together."
"I throw all junk mail directly in the trash that is located right next to my mailbox. I don't even bother glancing at it. "
"You know all those little "blow-out" post cards in letters, magazines, newspapers, etc.? How about if I use those totally-devoid-of-imagination free address labels on them, & send the junk postcards back BLANK? Maybe then, the pest solicitations will stop."
"When I see the amount of waste from only one household, I'm appalled. What a waste of resources!"
"I'd like to get rid o newspapers like WinDixie, Publix, Albertson, and Walgreens."
"It is such a waste, to have so much mail in the hands of postal workers, machines, and trash when lots of people are just NOT interested in junk mail."
"Like most, I don't like junk mail because I immediately trash most of it but catalogs and solicitations are harmless to individuals (though not the environment). However, I especially hate credit cards because they put an individuals identity (via SSNs)."
"There is already to much trash in the world and junk mail adds to it."
"How many times must I request opt-out through the credit reporting agencies before the unsolicited companies remove me from their list? It's aggravating!"
"Junk mail is not only one horrendous waste of paper, but is subsidized by our taxes. Have heard that it brings down the price of regular mail. I'll pay more for postage, thanks. Where DO they get so MUCH to pay for the photographers, layout artists, etc.."
"Because of all the junk mail generated every time I make a donation to Charity... (I make one donation to an Animal Protection Group and then start receiving mail from dozens and dozens of other animal groups.) I have decided TO STOP DONATING! It is not I don't mind receiving annual notices from the charities that I have been supporting. I am considering dropping charities that have multiple solicitations during the year."
"I NEVER ! read it. I sort my mail by the look of it, if I inadvertently throw away an important communication the party involved will normally try to contact me again. However after a period of time you recognize what you want and what you don't."
"It is an invasion of my mailbox. Thanks for helping me stop it. I hate to think of all the trees it uses up."
"Big waste of time, money and natural resources."
"I am currently returning everything with a self-addressed envelope with all of their junk including their envelope mailed in with a printed label requesting that my name and address be removed from their mailing list. If they do not I will just keep returning them"
"Recent methods of follow-up telephone calls from Providian, Capital One, etc, are particularly annoying. They call and ask for my wife during dinner, and when I ask what the call is regarding, they get snotty and say they cannot tell me for privacy reasons"
"Idea: make it easy for me to "tell a friend" using email (my friends won't consider this 'junk'). Make sure the email that's generated mentions that you can keep receiving the catalogs you like and just get rid of the ones you don't."
"I wish it was outlawed. It is an invasion of privacy."
"The sweepstakes people are just relentless. Readers Digest being one of the worst. They prey on the elderly and promise that we are a winner every time!!!"
"I'm sick of it. I receive it at work, at home, on my computer. I would love to stop receiving it. It all goes in the garbage anyway. It's pointless for these mailers to send anything. I immediately throw all of this stuff out."
"The worst offense is the releasing of name and address to other companies without permission. The second is sending catalogs that are exactly the same as the previous catalog except for the cover. Lands End is one of the worst for sending too many catalogs."
"Anytime I order from a new company, I brace myself for the barrage of new catalogs that I know will come my way."
"Although I frequently shop via catalog, and enjoy many of those I receive, they come too often. Also, there is a catalog of catalogs - I forget the name - but THAT is useful since you can choose which catalogs you wish to receive."
"I would like to be able to request A SPECIFIC catalog over the Internet and receive ONLY that catalog that ONE TIME. If and when I want another one, I would again request it over the Internet."
This is a fabulous service! Thank you for helping in saving our earth
THANK YOU!! Your site is a godsend; I’ve forwarded it to all my friends, and everyone is thrilled with the opportunity to lessen their mail intake.
1. Many, many thanks and a happy and healthy holiday season to all of you who work so hard to do something so important for the WORLD!!
Passed along your web site to over 10 of my friends. Thanks for the service; as you can tell it was long overdue.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! I have been so overrun with catalogs and didn’t know what to do-there were sooo many! Thanks for being there-I’m telling everyone!
Thanks for the service. I feel so much better stopping unneeded catalogs. I shop entirely on the Internet and no longer need print catalogs. Keep up the good work.
What a fantastic website!! I used to do this all by hand (writing letters). I have passed along a link to your website to everyone I can think of. Thank you so much!
Thank you!!!!!!!!!
Thank you for this wonderful idea. I think it’s terrific.
Thanks for saving trees!
I LOVE this service!! Thank you for doing this.
THANK YOU so much for providing this service.
THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I have wanted a service like this for years.
Love the service…. and I have passed it along to many already!!
I just want to say what a great, great idea this is!! I am thrilled to be able be helping to save our environment by opting out of getting these catalogs that I never use!
Thank you so much. I have spent hours on the phone in the last year fighting this avalanche of paper. I shall spread the word!
Thanks for the response. I’ve already passed this website on to friends. I think it’s great.
I want to thank you for this wonderful service you are providing the public. It’s eliminating unsolicited catalogs that end up in the garbage. It saves businesses the cost of paper, printing & mailing. It saves the environment by cutting fewer trees & reduces landfills. And, my mailman also said to say thank you.
Wonderful idea! I am sending this website to all of my friends. Thank you!
Thank you so very much for providing this service. I knew we were inundated with catalogs, but I had no idea how many we actually receive until I started declining them!
Thank you so very much. You are like a dream come true. I’m not inundated with wasteful catalogs. My mail carrier thanks you too!
You have revived my hope in the human race! Thanks so much for making this opportunity possible. I have been longing for something like this for years.
Thank you for providing this service! I’m stoked!
This is a wonderful site. I had been calling individual companies whenever I got a catalog I didn’t want but this is much, much easier. Thanks for doing this.
This is so great. I’ve been saving my catalogs for weeks and sat here for 3 hours tonight and entered each one. I am drowning in catalogs and can’t wait for them to stop coming.
Thank you so much for this service! I’m so tired of the clutter of junk mail - I’m sure our mail carrier will appreciate the lighter load as well!
Dear Folks, Great service! Too many catalogs and junk mail out there. We need to save the trees. Thank you!
Bless you! I’ve tried for years to unsubscribe from unwanted catalogs. Finally, I can really do it. Your work is a boost for the environment and a time saver for people who while away hours looking at goods they don’t really want.
I just wanted to say how much I appreciate what you are doing to help save our planet and our trees.
You are doing a terrific service for the environment and for the post office workers who have to carry these catalogs.
Thanks, you’ve definitely lightened my load.
Thanks for the amazing service that you offer! What a gift to the rest of us 🙂
Thank you for this terrific service!
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! I have been so overrun with catalogs and didn’t know what to do-there were sooo many! Thanks for being there-I’m telling everyone!
I have been using your site for almost a month now. I love it and I’ve passed it along to dozens. Thanks for this great service!
Many, many thanks and a happy and healthy holiday season to all of you who work so hard to do something so important for the WORLD!!
I am delighted that you are here for all of us “environmentally conscious weary of entirely too many catalogs” kind of people.
Thank you, thank you, and thank you. I dread the holiday season because of all of the catalogs; now I can look forward to it! This is a wonderful service.
I just want to say that this is perhaps the most useful website I’ve ever used. Especially at the holiday season the number of catalogs is overwhelming
What an unbelievably nifty service!
Thank you for this website. This is making me feel empowered each day when I sit down and decline all the catalogs I’ve felt guilty about just throwing away!! Thank you!!
What a wonderful service; I am passing along the information to all I know, friends and co-workers.
Thank you so very, very, very much. Also, I have told all my friends.
Fabulous idea !!! Finally, I can stop receiving all of the catalogs that I have no interest in, as well as benefit the planet.
MANY thanks for this valuable service and easy-to-use interface!
Hi, I am so glad that you have created this site to help save the trees!
Fabulous service! I must get literally hundreds of unwanted catalogs a year. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!
My mail carrier thanks you very much!! And so do I - this is a great service.
Thank you so much for this service! I’ve declined 80 catalogs on this site. Of those 80, I have ordered from only 5 merchants!!! It’s shocking. I truly appreciate what you are doing!!! So does my mailman!!
THANK YOU! I am so grateful for this site! I’ve been sharing it with everyone. You’re doing a great service for Mother Earth!
I love this website! I can take care of all my company’s catalog opt-out needs quickly, efficiently and simply and help the environment. Keep up the great work.
Thank you. Everyone I have told about the service is already using it!
This is one of the most worthwhile sites on the Internet! I have spread the word and have canceled 22 catalogs in 4 days. I’ll keep going and hope you do the same! THANK YOU!!!
Just a thank-you thank-you thank-you! We so often get overwhelmed with the catalogs and are actively trying to do everything we can to reduce waste.
I just want to thank you for doing this. I was able to “knock off” 26 catalogs!
Thank you, thank you, and thank you! This is the best idea I’ve ever heard. I have forwarded this information to everyone on my email list! Great job!!!!

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