PPI List Removal

PPI List Removal

Payment Protection insurance scam anyone?

What is your time worth?

We think your time is worth at least £5.00 an hour. Would you agree?


Since it takes the average person at least 5-7 hours per year in paperwork and phone calls to remove themselves from mail lists, you will have already saved money using StopJunkMail.co.uk and that doesn’t even include the cost of stamps to mail written notices to certain marketers.


If your time is worth more than £5.00 per hour (and we suspect it is), the convenience of a one-stop source for cancelling your catalogs and junk mail is a no-brainer. Not to mention that you will have a personal record of each item you’ve canceled in the event of any dispute with the marketer.


Oh yeah, and 25% of your proceeds go to plant a tree! Even if you’ree not a hard core environmentalist, you can appreciate the value of reforesting our great land.


So, is it worth the subscription cost times over? Well, we and thousands like you think your time, the environment and your piece of mind certainly is.

StopJunkMail.co.uk is actually Internet-based software that allows you to electronically deliver list removal notices to direct mail companies rather than individually mailing or calling each of them. Assuming your time is worth more than £5.00 an hour, you’ll save many times the subscription fee just using the service. That’s not even counting postage saved and a tree planted.

Since you have a one-year membership, you may return to the site as much as you’d like to remove new catalogs and junk mail as it arrives.

StopJunkMail.co.uk gives you individual choice to stop what you want and continue receiving what you want. Of course, you can always select the Direct Marketing Association from our Junk Mail list and put a blanket “no” on many lists.

Whilst you’re saving time, you are also saving paper in the process. Collectively, we can have a tremendous impact on the environment just by ridding our mailboxes of unwanted catalogs!

For direct marketers, this software streamlines their databases, eliminating individuals who will simply discard unwanted direct mail pieces. We at StopJunkMail.co.uk understands that in a commercial society, businesses must be free to communicate with potential customers. One of our goals is to enable consumers to let direct marketing companies know exactly who is and who IS NOT a potential customer.

With the StopJunkMail.co.uk service you can be assured that each solicitation company you select will receive a personalised request from you requesting removal from the solicitor’s list. Notices are sent to the appropriate departments within each company.

For companies that have failed to remove your name from their list during the first 75 days after your request, you also have a “Second Notice” tool that allows you to send a legal notice requesting removal pursuant to United States Post Office Prohibitory Notice rules.

If you don’t see an item on our list, simply add it and we will take care of the rest

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