Phone Books and Catalogues

Phone Books and Catalogues

heavy junking…thud!

Now is the time to get to work to stop those unwanted Holiday catalogs from coming. You already have the “Back to School” Catalogues I am sure and then it’ll be the Autumn issues..

It’s the big push for catalog companies bulk mailing for the busy season. Why now? Well most of these companies are already setting up printing for their holiday issues, planning and photo shoots are under way. Catalogue companies don’t do their own mailing, they leave it to bulk mailers so they ship in bulk to the middle man and give them the dates for delivery way in advance.

We’ll mainly be talking about specific types of junk mail in this section. ‘To the Occupier’ junk mail has already been mentioned a couple of times but deserves special mention because it’s such a devious type of advertising mail. Paper directories are interesting because they still exist (this is the 21st century, right?) and because opt-out schemes for phone books are as bad as they get. And we’ll also look at how to stop baby-related junk mail and adverts sent to people who have died.

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