Charity Bags

Charity Bags

plastic and paper junk

Charity bags are just so bad for the environment! Plastic junk mail mixed with paper which needs to be separated before recycling.

• Help consumers eliminate unwanted postal junk mail for the entire household; either a private address or small business

• Save trees and reduce greenhouse gases by planting a tree for every new subscriber

• Protect consumers privacy by reducing the number of times their name and address is shared without their knowledge

• Be a resource for sharing expertise among consumers dedicated to eliminating junk mail and helping the earth

• Reduce consumer frustration levels with the amount of unwanted junk mail they receive

• Provide consumers with an easy, online, cost effective way to eliminate postal junk mail.

• Form partnerships with large corporations to promote our message

We can achieve these goals by using sophisticated software to automate the procedure that would require hours of phone calls and letters to do the same job

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