Planting Trees

Door-to-door opt-out of Junk Mail Helps Plant Trees

planting every day has created a partnership to put up to 25% of proceeds towards planing one tree in the United Kingdom and United States. Each tree is between 1-6 feet tall, depending on the area in which it is planted.

UK and American Forests is the nation’s oldest nonprofit citizen conservation organization, founded in 1875 by citizens concerned about waste and abuse of the nation’s forests. Their mission today remains helping people improve the environment with trees and forests. They work to ensure a sustainable future for our nation’s forests – both urban and rural – through national and international tree planting, forest policy, urban forestry, and popular programs, such as The National Register of Big Trees and Famous & Historic Trees. Their work is made possible by generous contributions from concerned individuals, corporations and other funders. 

Through their Global ReLeaf program, they have planted more than 15 million trees in 500+ forest ecosystem restoration projects and urban and community forest projects. Most of their projects are in Global ReLeaf Forests, where they plant the right species in the right places to reforest damaged public lands. The first Global ReLeaf Forest was Michigan’s AuSable State Forest where they planted jack pine to protect the endangered Kirtland’s warbler. Your membership will help UK and American Forests reach their goal of planting 20 million trees for the new millennium.

There are two types of Global ReLeaf projects:
1) In urban areas, trees are planted through the Global ReLeaf Fund. The program also encourages individuals to plant trees around their homes and businesses or join community groups to plant trees that shade, cool, and beautify their neighborhoods.

2) In less-developed areas, trees are planted in ecosystem restoration projects called Global ReLeaf Forests. Many of these areas have been damaged by natural or human causes. These trees help clean the air and water, filter polluted runoff, slow global warming and erosion, and provide habitat for wildlife.

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