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What do you do when the Boss is Away?

What do you do when the boss is away? Good question–it probably depends on what type of work you do, but here at Stop Junk Mail all hell breaks loose. Ok, not really, we’re too busy reducing people’s junk mail. But sometimes things happen when the top dog isn’t around. Maybe you could find time

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Privacy expectations gap when stopping vote spam

Understanding and informing consumer and company expectations as it relates to the use of consumer personally identifiable information and purchase patterns is a key part of our educational focus. Since we work with consumers and companies, we can gather and communicate this information to consumers and industry alike. In a recent survey of Stop Junk

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stop vote junk mail

Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC) is one of the largest accounting companies in the world. They handle big companies like Bank of America and ExxonMobil, they count the votes for the Academy Awards, and now they’ve come up with a number we can all cheer about – 1 trillion dollars to address global warming. Why are

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Stop unsolicited mail return to sender

The fruits of merchant account managers’ labor are ripening. Every week, more and more merchants are signing up to our free, secure service to honour consumer mail preferences. Businesses are waking up to the idea they are saving money in many ways by setting up a merchant account. First, it is easier and faster to

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How to stop junk mail?

Just a reminder to email your friends and tell them to join before Easter if they’re wondering ‘how to stop junk mail?’.  You know they want less junk mail, and you’re pretty sure they just haven’t gotten around to signing up.  Hopefully, they are, as I prefer to call myself, “deadline motivated” (versus the more

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Telephone preference service – joining a motorway and being given all the speed instructions in a single policy

Ryan Calo, Director of the Stanford Law School’s Center for Internet and Society, has given an insightful talk on the effectiveness of privacy policies.  If users are hoping to make use of a mail preference service (MPS) or telephone preference service (TPS) they should make it easy for consumers to understand that information when protecting

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Is the MPS and Mail Preference Service a credible self regulatory scheme?

The following checklist for a credible self-regulatory scheme was published by the National Consumer Council (now part of Consumer Focus).  In our continued efforts to make our consumer preference program work from the industry’s perspective, it is useful for consumers to read the checklist to understand why working with Stop Junk Mail is a vote for

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Web Tracking – Welcome Customised Marketing or Getting Too Personal?

Most of us know that our behavior is being watched on the Web.   As we browse and shop on the Internet, a “cookie” travels with us, recording our preferences.  This technology is nothing new.  Cookies identify and track information about a user.  But cookies are getting more sophisticated, and are now able to hold

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Give a Junk Mail Blocker This Holiday!

Like you, I am busy. Between job, home, cars, parents, spouse, kids, kids’ homework, piano, sports, and now add holiday planning and shopping, there is not a lot of time left for thinking about the environment. When in uni, like many students, I had the time and opportunity to help raise issues and awareness. Does

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