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Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC) is one of the largest accounting companies in the world. They handle big companies like Bank of America and ExxonMobil, they count the votes for the Academy Awards, and now they’ve come up with a number we can all cheer about – 1 trillion dollars to address global warming.

Why are we cheering? Because its actually just a trillion dollars over the next forty years to stall global warming at an ok level.  The World in 2050.

And its not that we have to go raise this huge amount of money. Its actually about spending less money. We spend less money on economic activity that causes global warming and PwC says we can prevent warming the planet beyond another two degrees Fahrenheit.

Our Ten Cents

Sign us up. A trillion dollars sounds big, but with it spread out over billions of people and 40 years, we don’t think it’ll be all that noticeable. With this report, we think PwC gave us some good news showing that it’s not too late or too expensive to fix the environment.

What We Can Do:

We looked into what one of the PwC recommendations would mean:

Between now and 2050, make ourselves more energy efficient by 2.6% each year.

  • Buy Energy Star light fixtures and appliances for a 40% reduction at home.
  • Turn down the heat or the air conditioning when you leave the house and reduce emissions by 5%.
  • Buy a hybrid and get 40 mpg, or a motorcycle and get 90.

The Big and Small Numbers:

For the 6.5 billion people on Earth to raise a trillion bucks, we’d each have to give about $155.
Over 40 years, that’s about the price of one cup of coffee for each of us every year.

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