How to stop junk mail?

How to stop junk mail?

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Just a reminder to email your friends and tell them to join before Easter if they’re wondering ‘how to stop junk mail?’.  You know they want less junk mail, and you’re pretty sure they just haven’t gotten around to signing up.  Hopefully, they are, as I prefer to call myself, “deadline motivated” (versus the more negative connotation of someone who procrastinates).

So that helpful deadline is Easter  – if they sign up by then – they get a bonus tree, on top of the tree planted every year on their behalf.

Thanks to everyone who has blogged on Stop Junk Mail and helped more people find out how to get less junk mail, more mailbox space, more time, more privacy, and a whole lot more trees.

If we can help you tell more folks, just say the word and we’re happy to help you out any way we can.

And in the spirit of little actions adding up to big impacts, I’m going to go invite a couple more people wondering how to stop junk mail and I hope you will too!

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