Telephone preference service – joining a motorway and being given all the speed instructions in a single policy

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Ryan Calo, Director of the Stanford Law School’s Center for Internet and Society, has given an insightful talk on the effectiveness of privacy policies.  If users are hoping to make use of a mail preference service (MPS) or telephone preference service (TPS) they should make it easy for consumers to understand that information when protecting their online identity from junk mailers. He notes that just because a company has a link that says “privacy policy” does not mean that they respect your privacy.  You have to read the policy.  He also compares privacy policies to signage on a highway.  Instead of getting specific exit and speed limit signs when you need them, a privacy policy is like getting all the information about the highway in one long involved sign when you get on the highway.  You are expected to read it before entering the highway and remember everything it says.  It is worth the few minutes.  At Stop Junk Mail, we read privacy policies and make it easy for your to opt-out of direct marketing and name sharing.

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