Web Tracking – Welcome Customised Marketing or Getting Too Personal?

Web Tracking – Welcome Customised Marketing or Getting Too Personal?

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Most of us know that our behavior is being watched on the Web.   As we browse and shop on the Internet, a “cookie” travels with us, recording our preferences.  This technology is nothing new.  Cookies identify and track information about a user.  But cookies are getting more sophisticated, and are now able to hold a lot more personal information about our Web behavior.  As articles aptly state, “On the old Internet, nobody knew you were a dog.  On the new targeted Internet, they now know what kind of dog you are, your favorite leash color, the last time you had fleas and the date you were neutered.”

Marketers love the profiling technology because it allows them to track a consumer’s interests and target advertising, giving them a way to pitch products to people most likely to buy.  Retailers like Amazon are use Web tracking info in just this way.

The comfort level of many consumer and privacy rights advocates, however, is being pushed too far.  In response, they are calling for governments to force companies to make these Web shadowing practices more transparent to the consumer and give people a way to decline being tracked.  What are your thoughts?   Do you welcome more personalised advertising or are marketers getting too personal? At stop junk mail we seek to increase your personal information protection and GDPR in order to stop credit card offers arriving.

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