Give a Junk Mail Blocker This Holiday!

Give a Junk Mail Blocker This Holiday!

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Like you, I am busy. Between job, home, cars, parents, spouse, kids, kids’ homework, piano, sports, and now add holiday planning and shopping, there is not a lot of time left for thinking about the environment. When in uni, like many students, I had the time and opportunity to help raise issues and awareness.

Does lack of time mean lack of interest? Not in the least, that’s why we created Stop Junk Mail. We know, given a choice right in front of them, people will opt for doing things in a way that will help the planet. We also wanted to make that easier and then show off how much all those little decisions you make really do add up to great improvements when you put them all together.

Besides, it turns out there are problems that we can solve for ourselves that coincidentally help the planet. That’s why we are so serious about figuring out this junk mail problem. It is bad for the earth and bad for my home space. So less junk mail solves two problems.

We arrived at thinking about how great having less junk mail is, and it occurred to us that this might be a great gift for our friends and family.  So now you can give Stop Junk Mail to your friends as a gift.  How cool is that – they get less junk mail (a gift that keeps giving all year), more time, and we even plant a tree for them every month to boot.

So the question to you – is Stop Junk Mail a good gift idea?  Let us know what you think.

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