Stop Junk Mail

Take control of your postbox

What is Stop Junk Mail?

Cloud software to protect your home from unwanted postal junk mail

Junk Mail Blocker provides a door-to-door opt-out system

Protect your Privacy

Take control of your GDPR data and stop unwanted postal mail arriving

Protect the Environment

All the paper waste coming through your letterbox can be avoided by stopping it at source

Protect your Home

We'll ensure your postal address doesn't receive junk mail. Active Monitoring ensures you will be continuously removed from mailing lists and unsolicited mail will stop arriving through your letterbox

Flag Unaddressed Post

Never receive unsolicited mail again whether it's addressed to the occupier or no name at all

Active Notifications

If your data is used by junk mailers then we'll remove you from their junk list and let you know immediately

Silence Junk Mail

Control which mail you receive in your post box at home. Your junk mail score will be updated in the background and can be viewed online at any time

"Getting started is easy

...I was up and running in minutes!"

Emily Carney

Keen Gardener, Ilkley

Which types of postal junk mail are stopped?

Stop the most difficult type of junk mail arriving – to the occupier and unaddressed mail can be the biggest pest to remove without using Stop Junk Mail

Thick phone books and catalogues made from paper are destroying our environment and arrive without request through our mailboxes

Domino’s pizza menus by the truckload arrive in our post amongst other takeaway junk mail that we don’t need

Charity bag junk postal mail contains plastic bags and plastic pens and needs to be stopped from arriving through our mailboxes

Local elections and general elections always result in paper flyers arriving from the various political parties urging us to vote for them. We’ll act on your behalf to prevent this junk mail arriving at your house

Junk mail can arrive from islands such as Gibraltar, Malta and Guernsey in the hope of bypassing laws and clogging up our post boxes. Our service will monitor and remove your address from overseas mailing junk lists

A popular junk mail arrives for the elderly to be told their computer is infected or the wifi needs to be checked and to call a number. Let’s put a stop to this junk arriving

Companies that generate postal offers to manage Payment Protection Insurance claims on your behalf will leave you with very little of the money if you were owed compensation. Better to call your bank directly for PPI concerns and block the junk mail using our cloud service

Stop junk mail being delivered from ‘no win, no fee’ advertisers and solicitors

If someone you know has died, we stop unwanted marketing post being sent to them, stopping painful daily reminders

Fake cheques saying winner of millions arrive in our mail and are completely false. Scratch cards which always win and instruct to call a number to find out also will also be stopped by our stop junk mail service that detects scam and hoax mail

Investment spam in cryptocurrencies and bitcoin will no longer arrive at your house if you let us put a stop to it. Junk mail arrives that preys on peoples’ Fear Of Missing Out and you’ll be better off avoiding it

Enables parents who have suffered a miscarriage or bereavement of a baby in the first weeks of life to enforce their wish not to receive baby related mailings

Stop Junk Mail and Protect the Environment - this UK grove is growing thanks to Stop Junk Mail subscribers!

After years of helping individuals take control and protect their postboxes from junk mailers, we realised it's a full time job to keep on top of it. Our software will monitor and protect your home address against junk mailers who think we're powerless to stop them.

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